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Animation for a short pipeline
« on: September 09, 2016, 09:25:15 am »
I have a practical question.
Before I render my scene on another soft, I would love to give keyshot a try but for that I must sure that the soft is able to do what I want.

I have an animation composed by several scenes
Is keyshot is capable of importing reference object with texture and shader already applied in an animation sequence?

For example, I have a very detailed boat, I took some time to set all the textures and shaders in keyshot,I don't want to do it for each sequence I have.

As the only way to import deformated objects animation in keyshot for the moment (as far as I know) , is obj sequence, I wonder how I could do to include my boat as a ref into each of my sequences to avoid to set shader for each of those .

I thought of a pipeline for that. but I'm not sure if it will work:
- if I import my boat in keyshot, do all the shader and texture, then save it as an fbx
- if I load this fbx in maya to do my animation and then save my animation (with some deformation) as an obj sequence
-Then if I open my obj sequence in keyshot, will all the keyshot shaders and textures I've set previously will follow ?
- And lastly, if keyshot can now manage fbx with defromation ( I'm not sure of that) will this pipeline could work ?

Any help on this topic would be much appreciated.
Thanks you .