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Pantograph Animation assistance
« on: October 09, 2016, 06:27:15 pm »
I have already submitted this to "support" and was told that Keyshot doesn't handle this type of animation. This seems so simple you would think that this would be exactly the kind of anim that it should be able to handle, but then I don't know the guts of the animation system. So I thought I'd post it here in the forum just in case there is someone out there with a little unknown trick up their sleeve to make this work.

Now if there were only two links in the panto that would be pretty easy, Bruno was able to help me with that one, at least any errors in positioning aren't noticeable, but as you add links it all starts to get out of sync. It seems that the links and pins are only aligned when the panto is fully retracted or fully extended. No amount of Ease In or Ease Out seems to help. Nor does using the Dynamic Pivot seem to help to keep the pins in place or the links pivoting on them.

I've uploaded the .ksp in case anyone want to take a crack at it.

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, the distances and angles were taken from the 3D model in Geomagic Design.

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Re: Pantograph Animation assistance
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2016, 02:16:30 am »
That solutions is kind of difficult if you haven't the right tool.
I would build up this scene from scratch with less parts. (only one single row of rods and pins)
Then I would tweak the transitions part by part. (but that will take some time I didn't have yet)

With creo parametric it could be solved in few minutes as a mechanism and export via .fra-file to KeyShot.

hope that helps to find the solutions

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Re: Pantograph Animation assistance
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2016, 06:22:25 pm »
MWo,Thanks for your feedback. I will continue to work at this to see if, by chance, I come across a KeyShot solution. After all isn't KS supposed to have this patent pending super-duper, no-keyframe-animation system?

. . . With creo parametric it could be solved in few minutes as a mechanism and export via .fra-file to KeyShot. . . .
I've been seeing that a lot lately as I peruse through the forum. It seems that when there is a problem with an animation that KS can't handle the reply is to animate in your modeling program then send that over to KS in some format that I've never heard of before. Yeah, it would be nice if I could afford a seat of creo, or anything other that what I have. The fact is that I only have Geomagic Design for my personal modeling and it does not have any animation capability.

Now at work that's a different story. There we have SolidWorks and after going through a some testing to compare KS to Visualize I was able to get management support to install two seats of KS v6 Pro. It has been a real time saver for rendering out catalog images, beats PV360 hands down for the stills. Most of the animations I create in GD are more a training aid for myself so when I get back into SW at work I have a better idea of how to set up and create animations quickly. Most of what I create at work is easy enough to animate in KS. But we do have some linkages that are not as straight forward as you would think. They have joints that are not all on the same plane, and the "pivot pins" are canted at an angle to the links, that is challenging to animate in KS.

I would like to see KS be able to import the animations from SW without any intermediate steps, such as another piece of software to convert the file. That is not a conversation I want to have with management, especially after showing them the Animation page from the web site with all its hype. One nice feature in SW is that you can choose to render out a key frame animation through PV360. It would be sweet if the same option was available for KS thru the plug in.