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Started by raduteo, January 13, 2011, 11:40:25 AM

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I have a model consisting of thousands of parts, and I want to do render passes, so I have to assing the same material to all parts, and like I said the model is complex and it takes me more than an hour to do so, is there a way to assign one material to all parts?

Going back to my modeling program and assigning one material to the entire model is out of the question, since obviously I have to separate the materials again for the hero pass.

Specular pass (chrome material), AO pass (matte material) clown pass and so on, all of those will take me hours and hours to assign manually, I hope there is a feature to assign one material to all parts, thanks.


In KeyShot 2 you can just open the scene tree and drag a material onto the name of the model in the tree (the top level).