translucency material is not translucent

Started by jeffw, January 21, 2011, 09:48:17 AM

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I am trying to create a material for a milky polypropelene (see image).
The logical place to start seemed to be the Keyshot stock
translucent materials. I tried the smooth translucent medium
but the material looks opaque both in realtime and in my rendering (see image).

samples 16
ray bounces 6
anti alias 2
shadow quality 2
global illumination 2


You will need to use the advanced material with roughness transmission. Make sure you check "show advanced material settings" in the Preferences.



Thanks for the tip. I also saw Brian's coverage of polypropylene on yesterdays webinar which I greatly appreciated. However knowing know what changes must be made does beg the question that if the ones who make the material know what settings are required why don't they make them the default for translucency? Other materials are pretty much as advertised in that it is not required to change the material type right off and make other significant settings changes.


We could probably break out another material type that is for these milky plastics that would be preset. The advanced material is there to show basically all material options in one place for advanced effects.