Author Topic: all textures dissapeared after server was moved ... need help urgently !!  (Read 3411 times)

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hello everybody,
fairly new to the program we ran into a huge problem:
for a quite large job of over 150 different renderings we had to manually create a bunch of materials on our own.
as this was for a quite complex assembly we had to create roughly 80-100 new materials with bumps, labels etc.
during the Christmas break our IT moved all the data to a new server, so the location now has a different path than when the files and materials were created.
when we opened the .bip files, we had to learn, that all the textures are not embedded in the materials, so all the textures are now missing.

when you try to reload the textures, it cannot find the texture as the path is no longer existing.
when you load the texture again, it will re-scale and re-position the texture, so we have to do all the adjustments again!
is there no possibility just to re-link the materials somehow ??

we need to urgently work with those files and do not have the time to readjust every single material.
does anyone have an idea????
every help is very welcome!

btw. moving back to the old location and path is unfortunately no option!
we are desperate !

thanks in advance


Offline Chad Holton


You can add search paths for the new location(s) under Edit>Preferences>Folders. For example, beside the Material's path, click on the folder to add additional search paths. Do this as needed for each resource. Once added save the changes and restart KeyShot. Hope this helps.


Offline designgestalt

hello Chad,
thank you very much for your fast reply.
I was not aware, that you can add more than one path ...
this should solve our problem!
thank you very much for this !!!