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Offline Andrzej Orzecki

« on: February 15, 2017, 11:04:58 am »
Hi guys!
Training shot between studying theory and new options. Downloaded from Gracad.
I would be grateful for any feedback or tips.

Best regards

Offline Hossein Alfideh

Re: AK-47
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2017, 02:20:57 am »
Nice effort dude.
I like those little scratches and the dirt you used on the surfaces.
The gun is still a bit shiny for my taste,you can add a roughness map with material graph using the Color to number node.this way you have control on the roughness of the surface and do not forget about finger prints.
good luck  :)

Offline Will Gibbons

Re: AK-47
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2017, 07:27:21 am »
Yep! A little roughness texture would go a long way on this guy. Also, the non-painted parts look really nice.

Offline Andrzej Orzecki

Re: AK-47
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2017, 01:32:46 pm »
Yours help guys is invaluable for begginers like me. Thank you a lot!
So right now i see a difference,but of course please let me know what you think.
I made a small changes like roughness map,more dirt,more fingerprints,different fore grip,smaller ground texture.

Thank you in advance for any more suggestion.


Offline Will Gibbons

Re: AK-47
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2017, 07:24:53 am »
Progress for sure... I'd push it further! Grab something like the granite (or similar) texture in KeyShot and apply it as a roughness map to the black painted area and adjust it as needed to make it subtle. The easy way of doing this is adjust the contrast and brightness of the texture after it's been applied as a roughness texture. If you're down for it, the better way is to add a color to number node and dial it in non-destructively like that.