Alias files not Tessellating correctly in Keyshot

Started by JAKiii, January 24, 2011, 01:06:37 PM

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Here's my current problem: Alias files are not tessellated with enough accuracy when imported into Keyshot.  Is there a way increase the level of accuracy when importing wire files?

If I tessellate the file in Alias and export as an OBJ then I can specify the accuracy and my models look good.  But for various reasons I need to use the Keyshot Alias Translator, so would like to find a way to tessellate more accurately -

Thanks for any help,


Hi Jamie,

In KeyShot 2.1 you can control the tessellation quality of wire in preferences (under the importers tab).
In KeyShot 2.2 (just about to be released) we are putting this option directly in the import dialog.

I hope this helps,