Brushed or Satin Nickel Finish...Help!

Started by Robb63, March 12, 2010, 06:05:10 AM

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I have a rendering of some bathroom fixtures I am working on for a client and I don't seem to be able to really nail a good Satin Nickel or a Brushed Nickel finish. Does anyone have any settings or a material libary they can share?

Thanks so much


Do you have a photograph that illustrates the look you are aiming for?


Dear Shivani,

How can you import this material to your Keyshot?



Hi Sam

Once you register and download, you will find many of the downloads come with a png, bumpmap and sometimes a displacement map [whatever that is]. I just use the png and bumpmap. Stuff with glassy textures cant seem to be used, but maybe you could download a trial version of Maxwell, paint the object and save the texture, never tried that. Thing is its a good source for uncomplicated material.



Here is a zip file for brushed nickel, its got the jpeg, hope it helps.