Author Topic: Are Reflective & Holographic materials possible to be made inside KeyShot?  (Read 2728 times)

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Offline pizzalover2

Vimeo video example from VRscans

Offline DMerz III

Not to my knowledge! But, with Material Graph, I bet there is a way to reproduce the effect.

I can just imagine BDesign masterminding a solution at this very moment, ready to swoop in and deliver us the goods.

It looks to me like you need some way of changing the 'specular' channel based on angle of instance to the light. BUT, I can't figure out how that would be done at this time on my own.

Offline LayC42

I'm sure that in a combination of different materials, this effect can be done. Not tried jet.

I'm missing Eric since a while. Hope he's good.

I'd like to post a solution if I have one.

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I'm sure there is a way, as LayC42 said it'll probably take a combination of materials with the material graph. A good starting point would probably start with a thin film soap bubble material and/or maybe a gradient of some kind - sorta like radial gradient or infrared gradient. I could even see a holographic item using a toon material to get that "hidden until you get the right angle" kinda look.

I think someone did a chameleon paint scheme on a car one time - that would be a similar but without the reflectivity you're probably looking for.