X-ray materials with different opacity.

Started by EngOS, February 07, 2011, 08:35:37 AM

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Is there a way to increase or decrease the opacity of the X-ray materials. Like in reallity I want to have a high transparency for tissue and less for bones or metal implants.

Thanks  ;)

At this time I use a grey Xray material for the tissues and a with for the bones...


Nobody ?  ???

Here is a pic of what I'm trying to do and the result I have now...

I wanted to try with some transparent grey materials and after that making a negatif of the pic, but I can't find one with no reflexion at all...


You can create materials with a lower opacity by making them darker and likewise with higher opacity by making them brighter. I would recommend using a dark grey for the tissue, and an almost white color for the screws.

-- Henrik


Yes, it's what I do now. On my picture the screw is white x-ray material and the bones are grey one.  ;D
Quote from: EngOS on February 07, 2011, 08:35:37 AMAt this time I use a grey Xray material for the tissues and a white for the bones...

But with this technic I don't really have more opacity with metal parts (like for a real radiography) it's still too transparent...


Maybe try two rendering passes?  One as you have done it, then the second (with camera locked) hiding all but the screw, and render the screw only in titanium or other metal.  Then composit them in Photoshop with dropout and transparency? Might want to also do a clown pass to make it easier to select.  Tip- use the "Place" comand.  Might be a work-around.
Bill G


Thanks for your answer. Yes it could be a solution but...

... I dont have photoshop and I dont have enough time for that  :D
... I also want to make a turntable video

I'm just looking for a solution to have more less or more opacity depending on materials and thickness. That without reflexion, refraction or other effect...


Try using a label on top of the xray material. You can use images for the label with transparency to control how dense something looks.

I've made a set of semi transparent images that you can try: www.keyshot.com/images/JeffM/Transparencies.zip

They're named for the percentage of opacity.

I tried this technique and it seems to work pretty well.

Without the label trick:

With the label trick:

Notice the orange is far less transparent.

When you apply the label, set the mapping to box and enable the "repeat" option so that the label covers the whole surface.

Also, the label is actually shaded like a regular material so you'll want to use a really soft diffused environment to provide even lighting.

You can use the "intensity" setting on the label to make the part more or less bright as well.

Hope that helps!


Great idea ! Thanks a lot for this trick. it seems to work pretty well !!!

I'll try that asap (my demo version is expired  :( and I'm waiting for the official one...


Be sure to show us  your result!

As for your demo, if you need an extension, just send us an email at support@luxion.com!


ok, I got the licence, I also update my version of keyshot but now Iheve some crash issues...

When I had the label on my x-ray material KS is blocked completely...


Are you running the latest version? I tried and it worked fine.


Yes I'm running the 2.2.52 but the problem doesn't come from the software.

I think it comes from my machine (pretty old) and win environnement (old installation...)
I'll try to clean a bit this and reinstall it properly.  ::)

I'll let you know after that how it goes...


Aah ... the lable trick ... must be Murphy's law ... I just invented this myself 2 days ago .. although not for X-ray.
I asked for an extruded aluminium material here some time ago and got no real response.  The thing I wanted was reflective metal looking aluminium, though the problem I had was that in profiles with closed tubes, the inside of the tubes got all black while in real you can still see some gray inside.  I now got "the lable trick" to sort that out though I need to improve it further.