Keyshot 1.9 export to SW 2011

Started by Lucas, February 09, 2011, 04:32:41 PM

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We have just upgraded to SW 2011 on Win7 64bit from SW 2009 on XP64, and in the process changed from Hypershot 1.9 to Keyshot 1.9. 

We have installed the plugin for direct render from SW as well.  Previously there were no data import issues, but now under keyshot, we cannot import any native SW data into Keyshot.  Either through the plugin export, or direct import in Keyshot (File > open).   

I know we have changed a couple of things (op system, SW version, Keyshot upgrade), but are there any solutions to this?  The error given on File > Open in Keyshot tells me the file contains no 3d data.  No error is given on plugin export, just an empty keyshot window opens.


KeyShot 1.9 does not support SW 2011.

We just added support for SW 2011 in version 2.2.

You should be able to import .step files from SW though.