no option to import stp files in keyshot 5 bundled with solid edge.

Started by muzzi, November 23, 2018, 01:52:08 AM

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The company have just installed solid edge on my pc, and it comes bundled with Keyshot 5. I also use Creo 2 and a stand alone copy of keyshot 3. To try and test the new features in keyshot 5, I wish to import a .stp file, but the only options I have are .bip and .ksp. Why is there not the option to import other options?

for info,
I do not today know how to use solid edge. yes, I could import a .stp file into solid edge, and then export directly to keyshot 5. but this makes no sense as it is just a work-a-round.

any help appreciated.


Niko Planke

Hi Muzzi,

All KeyShot For CAD Licenses(f.i. KeyShot For Solidedge) are limited to only allow data from the Bundled Cad Application.
So the import options in these versions are Limited.

The Creo Plugin allows you to export Bip files, you can try that to get a Bip file via the Creo plugin to import into KeyShot 5.

I note that you are referring to KeyShot 5, we have Since Release KeyShot 8 with multiple new features. A lot has happened since KeyShot 5.
You can contact our Sales team via: to get a Full trial of KeyShot 8 including all import options if you are interested in upgrading.


good idea, thanks.

If I was holding the purse strings, then I would upgrade :-)