Import/Update assemblies with parts that have already been processed in Keyshot

Started by John, August 30, 2017, 07:23:27 AM

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I have applied a bunch of textures, labels and materials to various parts in keyshot and saved all the parts as .bip. Now I am interested in taking my Solidworks assembly and updating or importing the data from the completed .dip parts into an assembly that has been imported to keyshot.

Is this possible?  If yes can you quickly explain the best way to do it?


When you import the updated assembly, make sure to check "update geometry" in the import dialog box.


I am not sure I understand completely how to do this.. Please see attached example:
I have tried from my part and imported the assembly with "Update geometry"  and have tried from the assembly and imported the part..

In both cases the parts on the assembly do not pull the details from the part


It appears that the name was an issue. I have updated it and the material appears to be pulled in. However the labels do not..

Any suggestions?


It looks like the wrong material is being applied to the gauge body, and the glass.