Should we "overwrite existing materials" every time we update??

Started by Richman, February 23, 2011, 09:27:04 AM

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Should we "overwrite existing materials" every time we update??

I want to keep all of the custom made materials, but also get new ones that you add in new updates?


We will change this behavior. It sucks. Now that you can move materials from one group to another there is no need to have this. We can be more intelligent about distributing new materials in the future.


Yeah so what should we do in the mean time?  What does the installer actually do when you select "overwrite existing materials"? does it merge or delete..  Because we want to update KS and hopefully really start sharing materials online (wink wink).

The question every update causes anxiety, because I forget what to do and end up backing up the material folder somewhere else.


Doesn't merge. It will overwrite your material file. I suggest you rename your's prior to the update, and then you will be save. I know, online sharing is on our list. Need a better way of packaging materials and textures, first.


Funny, I just logged on to post this question when I saw the latest today.  I just installed 2.2.42, and chose not to overwrite.  I always back everything up first anyway.  Now I have all my old materials, and  duplicates of all the stock KS materials.  Now have 2142 materials! 

Anyway, if we back up first, then upgrade and overwrite, I presume we can then paste the appropriate materials and libraries in? 

Also noted that none of my many customs, like rust, boilerplate, diamond tread, etc., that were based on jpegs, are valid now.  I guess I have to recreate them?  That sucks, as many are custom client materials that I have to use for their projects.

So what's the correct procedure to follow when upgrading?  Are materials retained with prior bips, in that we can overwrite and start with a clean slate, then open old bips and copy/paste those materials into the new libraries?

BTW, the upgrade also trashed my environment and backplate libraries.  Some came in, but most did not.  I reloaded, but the libraries are gone, and I have to recreate them.  ???

Last question, regarding HDR's.  I notice that now they are quite dark, and I have to increase the brightness considerably from the same HDR's prior to the upgrade, like an average of 2+ points or "clicks".  ???

Bill G


Quote from: Speedster on February 24, 2011, 02:25:20 PM
Funny, I just logged on to post this question when I saw the latest today.  I just installed 2.2.42, and chose not to overwrite.  I always back everything up first anyway.  Now I have all my old materials, and  duplicates of all the stock KS materials.  Now have 2142 materials!  

I chose to overwrite but I seem to have both old and new materials!
This is getting very confusing - if I open the Environments tab I can see five thumbnails for 'Control Room' - some with duplicate names.
controlroom_bgp1, controlroom_bgp1, controlroom_bgp2, controlroom_bgp2, controlroom_bgp3
What's the difference and how can I tell which one I should be using?

The Backplates tab shows me four thumbnails for NatureLab_Bones
NatureLab_Bones, NatureLab_Bones8kNatureLab_BonesNatureLab_Bones_Env, NatureLab_Bones8k_Ref, NatureLab_Bones8k_Thumb
Which one is the one to use?

This is all rather messy - there must be a better way to organise the resources, surely?


I backup a copy and then overwrite.  It has always appeared to merge (witch I now know doesn't).  That's why I asked about merging, but I'm guessing that's because those are .mtl files..?  My folder looks like yours multiple metals folders. Two glass folders and so on.  Also now missing the best carbon-fiber materials from keyshot because they were associated with jpgs and bump maps.   .mtl and the new keyshot materials files all mixed.   

Should we save old legacy .mtl files and in the modern keyshot file formats? Wil keyshot still read legacy material files in the future.  I have materials back from the hypershot days.  Especially the anodized aluminum material (as apposed to the new anodized aluminum materials), oh thats one of my favorites.

People love collecting, hoarding and instinctual gathering habits.  I've actually studied it quite a bit.  As for a rendering program it applies to the HDRIs and materials.  It can become a very strong connecting bonding mechanism with users, if implemented correctly.