Trouble with old Hypershot Materials

Started by Burkhard, February 25, 2011, 12:32:32 PM

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I've made a lot of custom Materials till I recognize that the Keyshot Materials and the custom Materials works perfectly in resolution but some Hypershot Materials are to small when they were made in "General" settings.

I used a Sketchup Model as obj and dae in different export options.
Then I upload a Keyshot Model - the Wine Glass - to the same Scene. The Dimensions are quit different. The Glass is scaled up to a factor 100.
Now the Hypershot Materials are way to small for my Modell although it is smaller then the Wine Glas.
But they work properly onto the Wine Glass - just the General Materials. Really confusing.

Are there any changes made in reading the materials so the bip files from Hypershot doesn't work anymore?
I would miss the meshes, the Reflectors and the Wood Materials ( All are made as General )
Is it possible to save the Materials with a new scale ?

Any thoughts?



Thanks for the short. Where in the General Tab is the option. - Parameters,Bump Maps,Labes.
Scaling the Object has no effect.