Extruded Aluminium

Started by PhilippeV8, March 03, 2011, 01:57:20 AM

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I'm searching for a material for extruded aluminium profiles which doesn't kill my render-time.

I've tried some of the metal materials in the library but can't find anything that works for me.  Anyone has some tips ?

I got one now with Anisotropic
Diffuse ( 59:59:59 )
Specular ( pure white )
RoughX 0,010
RoughY 0,090
Angle 0
Mode 1
Glossy samples 3

I also added a bumpmap with extrusion lines, but when I render with this turned on the texture becomes grainy.
I'm quite happy with this one, though it renders slooow and I have to turn off the extrusion lines.


What is also important, is that if you got an extruded (e.g. squared) tube, the inside of the tube must not be black ... it still needs to show a gradient from the outside inwards and you have to have the corners visible.


I think I have found a solution to this adding a tiled semi-transparent lable to the material .. need to work on it further.


Can you show us some images??


I am rendering them ... but it turns out that my current material takes a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to render :(


Here are the renders ..

The first is the profile with default material ... I want the inside of the squared tube to be visible just like this.

The second is just default chrome .. I want the outside to look like this though less clean and with scratch marks from the extrusion.

The final render is what I got now and what I waited looooong time to render ... As you can see, it's not perfect yet .. not at all.
It's got weird groves near the front and I don't like the part inside the partly open cavety.


I think this one is getting real close ...



The 'metal' material renders quickly, maybe you could try that with a roughness of 0.2 or something, give it a warm aluminum colour and add a planar bumpmap for your extrusion lines? Don't forget to crank up glossy samples.