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Started by mountevers, March 23, 2010, 09:25:35 AM

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Im running alias on mac and have problems with IGES. I can't group the surfaces so that i can give them different materials. Keyshot only lets me put materials on one surface patch at a time (witch takes an insane amount of time).

On the PC versions of hypershot, materials were grouped according to the layering in alias.

Is there a sulotion for this?


Are you running KeyShot 1.9.54 ?


No, 1.9.48.. Did not know that a newer version was out...


Always check the software update section. Yes, 1.9.54 will address the issue.


Still having problems... Keyshot just randomly groups the surfaces, with materials it looks kind of like a chessboard.

If I want to export a model from Alias in to Keyshot and want to group certain surfaces together in order to give them the same material, how should i do?

Example: all bodypanels white paint, all windows glass, rims metal, all crome details crome etc..



I am having the same issue with KeyShot not allowing me to apply different materials to different parts (in my case everything gets painted the same color).

I'm also using Alias on a Mac and I use layers for the different parts/materials on my models.  I'm running the latest version of KeyShot as well (v1.9.54).

Is there a fix for this (other than exporting each part into a separate IGES file)?


Can you send an example file? That would help.


Sure.  What kind of file (IGES, JPEG...?) and where should I send it?


IGES file - send to




I think I figured out what the problem is with respect to exporting IGES files from Alias.

DON'T group part(s) prior to exporting to IGES!

Regardless of whether you have items organized on different layers, if you group before exporting to IGES, KeyShot will apply material based on groupings and not on layers.


my solution would be:

1) transform the surface(s) to shells (a bit time consuming) so you got the separate parts
2) assign the different shells to different layers
3) "export active(shells) as" iges

then you should get all separate parts as you wanted.

I was mad annoyed by exporting the surfaces to iges since all small surfaces were single parts and I ended up with some models having like 1000 parts.