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SSS additions

Started by harshcg, March 24, 2011, 01:13:49 AM

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Hi. I have been doing some tests with SSS and I have to say, its really convincing and got potential.
Myself being a character/creature artist, I have used Mental Ray SSS for quite some time. And I really like advance controls for that shader.
Keyshot translucent shader on the other hand lacks some sub controls which I may love to have such as...
1. Texture for Translucency slot
2. Texture for Specular slot
3. Division of Translucent into Epidermal and Subdermal components
I understand its not as easy as asking for options, theres a lot of math that goes behind it. and also the keyshot targets towards simplicity. But really it will be a major breakthrough for us to have those controls in SSS material :)
Is there any hint if this will be available in next build?


PS: this is a small test for skin I'm doing on a detailed mesh I sculpted really fast. Its all sculpted, no bump map yet.


And also would like to add a control map for SSS to affect. Black and White map for where translucency should affect(white) and where it shouldn't (black). These updates wuld be just great to already awesome looking shader. Say for example I want face of a character to be a lot translucent specially ears and Don't wantthe Horns to be too translucent!

I can't get over how amazing the SSS works in KS. It really is by far the best looking/working shader, partially cause of KS's good lighting engine combined with it.
I'll post some cool tests i'm doing with the creature skins.


These are great points and certainly things that advanced users would enjoy having, so they're certainly on the list of things to do :)

I can't really say when you could expect these though.


put me in your beta team and we will have it soon  ;)