Circular Mesh material

Started by silvinai, March 28, 2011, 09:29:06 AM

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I need to make a similar material but instead of circular holes I have a particular pattern. My problem is that I understand that I need a texture map but I don't understand how to applied . I see edit material option but I don't understand the options and in the training of the website the wireframe materials is not there yet.

So how a make an alpha map? Where I load my texture and where I load the alpha map?

I'm quite lost in this matter and looking for some tutorial.


The only material that supports alpha in textures right now is the general material. You will need to put the alpha channel into the image itself, or make the areas that are supposed to be transparent black.


Very new myself but...

I took this picture and edited it in Gimp...

In Gimp I rmb and select Layers>transparency >color to alpha choose color..white..Then save as tif  in order to save the transparent layer. Load this in as your texture (general material) and you get a trasparent mesh....this one I just put on a handy glass model I had...