Started by jbeau, April 13, 2011, 10:27:30 AM

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I am running into geometry issues with FBX import from 3dsmax. The main issue at the moment is that the objects are being repositioned on import.  I thought this was due to the pivots being on different local rotation axis, but when I aligned all pivots to the world and reexported their positioning became worse. I tried importing an OBJ for the geo and then an FBX for the camera transforms (with a piece of the original geo for scale) but the scale never matches with "from previous IMPORT" or "automatic". I have tried exporting as a group, centered all pivots to the origin/world axis. Now I'm forced to attach all objects which really defeats the purpose.  The good news is I have been successful on exporting camera animations on a per keyframe basis.

Is there another luxion_geometry_fbx.exe available that might correct these issues? I am more then happy to test and provide feedback.

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Is anyone else experiencing these problems?



I've seen this post is quite old but I've been experiencing the same issues and recently found a simple workaround ...

Basically the reason ( from my experience ) your fbx import gets messed up about position is because of operations such as applying a symmetry then converting the stack to editable poly, modyfing the pivot point, or "random" bad luck ...

An easy workaround in 3ds is to getting back to the edit poly level, selecting your element, detach it as an other element, then it might work depending the case.

For symmetry purpose, copy and mirror your piece rather thant applying a symmetry modifier and  collapsing it after for separate animating ...

If all else fail, select the pieces that fail to import properly, export your selection as obj (other formats may work but this worked just perfectly fine for me), reimport it in your scene (should normally be directly scaled and positionned in the exact same place in 3ds), and reexport everything in FBX. Fire KS, bring your fbx in, enjoy the power.

Hope I was clear and that it would be relevant for someone even though the post is quite old.

Jbeau, if you read this, I saw your post about aligning cameras from 3ds to KS, I've also found out that the FOV of imported camera was not correct, however changing it manually isn't enough to get it back in the right place.
Could you or anyone else explain to me the process to get your camera from 3ds to KS properly ?