Bug or Feature when rotating objects?

Started by MisterNeil, April 14, 2011, 12:50:27 PM

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I've been using Keyshot 2.2.45 for Mac (Intel) and was wondering if the following was a bug or feature.

When opening an .OBJ in Keyshot I am able to freely rotate a file from left to right on its Y axis using my mouse. The image always stays exactly in the same position and rotates. I like this. However, when I use the move/scale tools and press DONE to apply the setting, the image now will no longer stay in the same exact position when it is freely rotated, from left and right, on its Y axis. Instead, the image will spin on a wide circumference, like a toy spinning top would do as the momentum is lessening. And the worst part of the problem is the fact that I do not know how to reset the image so that it remains exactly on its Y axis while moving from left to right.

You assistance is appreciated.