luxion_geometry.exe has stopped working

Started by Dbo, June 21, 2017, 03:00:12 AM

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Hi all,

I work on a project with 4 differents models, I import them one by one with parasolid files (.x_t) created from SolidWorks. No problem until now, but for the last one when I want to import, a window appear "luxion_geometry.exe has stopped working", Keyshot is still working, finishes import then nothing new in my scene..

Does anyone know something about it?


Keyshot 6.2 Pro


So this not a SolidWorks import issue, but a Parasolid import issue.

You are running KeyShot 6.2. Please make sure to upgrade to the latest version which is 6.3. Also, can you share the file by any chance?



Update to 6.3 version have fixed my problem!