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Started by 5A3M, June 27, 2017, 07:31:37 AM

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Sorry if I have put this in the wrong part of the forum, but can anyone help?

We recently did a demo for a client of Keyshot VR, which they loved. However they asked if it can be made more interactive by adding points on the model that are selectable, that open a link with more information on that specific part of the product?

Does anyone have any experience of doing anything like this, or is it possible with any third party add ins?


From my limited web design knowledge, there are ways to 'region' out parts of an image to be clickable, but this method works for still images. Not sure about embedded interactive 'animations'.

Sounds like a cool idea though!


I don't think this is possible inside keyshot. When we built custom HTML widgets for iBooks, we had to purchase a javascript module that we could do that with, then embed the images into that. That was before I was using keyshot, that was direct out of C4D. Would be a great plugin or addon though.