Updating the Data in Scene Sets

Started by Robb63, July 27, 2017, 09:22:21 AM

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I am working on some color options for a project at the moment, and have 9 Scene Sets of my data in the colorways that I want to show to our client. There has been an update from our engineers to the product and I need to get this latest version of our data in all of those Scene Sets.

Is there a good way to do this, or do I just have to make each scene set active individually, import the data into that specific scene and copy/paste colors onto the new data?

If that is how I'll have to do this in KS6, is there a better way in KS7?


Hey Robb,

The KeyShot 7 workflow is as follows.

Using the plugin:
- Only Model Sets that are active will update. You can multi-select Model Sets in the sidebar > right-click > Make Model Set Active > Update.

Using direct import:
- When the Update Geometry option is selected there is a dropdown box for "Model Sets" where you have the choice to select All or Active. Select All if you want all Model Sets to update.


Hi Rex,
Good to know, and will make using sets much easier.

So, no good (fast) way to do it in KS6 then?


Oh sorry, I thought you were asking about how to do it in 7.

In KeyShot 6 all Scene Sets should update when using the Import > Update Geometry option. Is this not what you are experiencing?


Hi Rex,
No, that has never worked that way for me. I have always had to import the update individually into each scene.
I've got a big push to finish some renders for packaging this week, but plan to switch over to KS7 next week. So hopefully this will be a moot point moving forward.