Materials glitch

Started by Co, May 03, 2011, 08:26:38 PM

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Recently, using keyshot 2.2 I've found that when I save my bip file (complete with materials) and re-open it again at a later stage, Keyshot assumes that all the of the parts are the same and applies the same material to the whole product.

It doesn't do it always but happens from time to time and its pretty annoying because I have to start again by re-importing my solidworks 2011 file and re-applying new materials before rendering.

Has anyone encountered this problem before and is there a solution?


This sounds very strange. Do you have an example you can share?


I cant seem to upload the Keyshot file even though it is smaller than the maximum attachment size. Can I email it to you instead?

In the meantime I have attached a screenshot of what shows up onscreen.

In this example I setup the keyshot file and applied a number of different materials to each surface. Once completed and happy with the settings I saved the file and re-opened it at a later date only to find that keyshot had assumed that all of the surfaces were now the same material.


Can you email the file to, so we can take a look at it?