Plug in changes in KS7

Started by mattjgerard, August 16, 2017, 10:40:51 AM

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So, I noticed 2 things about the plugin and how it behaves in KS7-

1) It is ignoring the normals tags. So nice, its awesome not to have to worry about that anymore. No more all black models! Thank you for changing this!

2) Previously when I had objects in C4D that were hidden, they wouldn't be transferred into keyshot when exporting from C4D using the plugin. Now, those hidden objects are included in the export, but are turned off or hidden when the bip file is opened or imported. While I can understand this new function, I really like the old way. I tend to go back and forth between the apps, using C4D to place new parts, hiding old stuff, exporting the bip, then importing the bip into my current KS scene. It keeps the coordinate data and scales correctly (finally, KS6 didn't). But now I have to go through the imported object and delete all the hidden items that I didn't want from the C4D file.

I know I can somehow use live linking to do this too, but its a bit fragile, and if I change something it (file names, locations) it breaks. so I just prefer to do it manually, which is fine. Maybe an option in the plugin preferences to "Include hidden objects in export" or something like that?



There aren't any new plugins yet. Only the importer has changed.

This being said - hidden objects will not be exported in any of our plugins. Not sure why this changed in KeyShot 7 without a new plugin. I will ask development.


Ah, good to know. Wonder if the old importer was somehow filtering out and ignoring hidden objects, I am going to go open my copy of KS6 and do some testing just to make sure I'm not going nuts.


Not nuts. Same bip file imported with same settings, KS 7 is showing all the hidden objects that were in the C4D file, KS6 ignored them and just imported the visible objects.


Yes - I asked development about that and what changed. I should actually test that with some of the other plugins as well, now that I'm thinking about this. ;-)


I think it could be useful, I'm just not used to that behavior. It would be fantastic to be able to turn that function on or off. But, I think I personally prefer the old behavior better.

Thanks for looking into it!