Author Topic: NWMonitor - 7.0.456 - No Connection to Manager / Unable to dl result (animation)  (Read 5773 times)

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Offline Mario Stockinger

I Updated the Manager and the The Worlers and Monitor PCs got the Update from the Manager.

When i try to connect to the manager from one of the monitor PCs the Monitor Fails to Connect.

After seversal seconds the manager windows opens but the config  wizard window is also open.
The Monitor then shows a connection to the manager and when i close the config wizard the monitor crashs.

Tested it on 3 differen Monitor PCs

Befor the Update all Monitors where working correct.
I'm using an admin login and had set up the amin login on all monitors on the very first installation.

When i tested that i was running an animation on the workers, maybe because it has to send too much informations the connection times out ?
(The Animation has 3000 frames)
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Offline Mario Stockinger

Re: NWMonitor - 7.0.456 - No Connection to Manager
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I hat to abort the job because the manager client seemd to be crashed. (Attached the log)

After the abort i could connect to the manager from any of the monitors without a problem...

When i tried to download the result of the animation the manager crashed again
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Offline Mario Stockinger

Nice - 5 hour Animation Job lost, happend several times now.

It's like gambling if i can download the result or not.....
When i restart the Manager before i start the job , then i have the best chances that it's working.....

NW Renderer 6.3 was okay and stable - NW Render 7.xx  has so many issus .... that's  ********  >:(
The Logfile on the screenshot was not saved , so i can't upload it. (Directory was empty)

Edit: I was able to download the result to a monitor pc, took about 40 minutes to dl all frames and create the animation......i thought it had crashed but i let it continue.... then it was finished after 40 minutes....
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