Long import times? What's the bottleneck?

Started by azonicbruce, May 12, 2011, 01:01:35 PM

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Another question while I'm waiting for another model to import  :D

What exactly is it that causes importing a model to take a long time? I'm looking at a model I'm importing, lots of parts and what not, sure, but only one or two cores on my six core machine are at maybe 30%, I'm only using 2-3 GB of my 12GB total, so why is it taking so long? Is the importer not able to take advantage of all the hardware? Could it be my hard drive (10k Raptors)? Is there something else in my setup that I should be looking at?


correct, importers are not multi-threaded. Depending on the file type you import, and if tessellation is required, it will take extra time.