Author Topic: How to reenable Slave with KS 7.1.51 NW Renderer ? Scheduler useless ?  (Read 5579 times)

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Offline Mario Stockinger

I was rendering a big animation on 6 slaves.

I had to disable the most Powerfrau slave for a few hours (On the Master in the scheduler i disabled a few hours for this slave in the time window)
After the slave was avaliable again in the slave status it just says ready, the other slaves are rendering.

The slave didn't get the project again from the master pc - so my strongest render pc is doing nothing....

The slaves have already rendered about 60 hours - i really don't want to abort the animation job....

The Scheduler is absolutely useless if a slave doesn't start rendering again...

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Offline Gordon

Re: How to reenable Slave with KS 7.1.41 NW Renderer ? Scheduler useless ?
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The update to the latest version of NR (7.1.51) should resolve that give you the v6 behavior back.  In V7 they changed how jobs were handled and if a slave was already working on a chunk, no other slave would touch it, even if the other slave was much faster or had more cores in its pool.  This was done so another job in the queue would be able to start processing on the free slave.  Nice theory, but it only works efficiently if all your slaves are about equal in power, which for us is definitely not the case.  We have two machines with 48 cores each, but then two 8 core machines, so with 7.1.41 every job ended up sitting there waiting on the 8 core machines while the other 96 cores sit idle if there wasn't another job right behind it.  This is also why some of us have requested that the 'dicing' size (size of the chunks) is controllable, since we have some large sperhical VR's where a single chunk took 2 days to process on the slower machines.

7.1.51 basically rolled that back to the v6 behavior where it should resend the chunk to the (faster) idle slave and race to see who can finish first before it moves to the next job.   Keep in mind that with 7.1.51 you will have to update every slave and every user machine that uses Network Rendering.  v7.1.51 is not backwards compatible with 7.1.41.

Offline Mario Stockinger

Re: How to reenable Slave with KS 7.1.51 NW Renderer ? Scheduler useless ?
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All Slaves, Master and Queue PC are on 7.1.51 (Sorry the Topic was wrong)

I rebooted the PC and then after the reboot it startet rendering on the job again.