T Bucket Hot Rod (New image)

Started by Speedster, October 17, 2017, 08:25:04 PM

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Always been curious what my "T Bucket" rod would look like if all the metalwork was gold plated.  Now, in KeyShot 7, I can afford to find out!

Modeled in SolidWorks, rendered in 7.1.36.  Only post is my signature.  Tweaked metallic red paint, box-stock accurate gold.  Custom HDR, with one IES light for kick. Interior Mode, 256 samples, eight minutes on 30 cores.

Bill G


That gold plating looks GREAT with that red paint. Well done Bill!


Thanks, Josh!

I decided to revisit my T Bucket, as I was not happy with the "firefly artifacts" in the red paint.

So I replaced my contest entry image with this new one.  I have no idea how I got rid of the hot spots, but I'm sure it was all the tweaking I did to the candy apple red.

I know we're all enamored with Cloudy Plastic, but I have to say, the new capabilities in Metallic Paint is now my favorite toy in the sandbox!  I'm amazed how subtle the tweaks can be, and how well the many sliders and adjustments interrelate!  It's worth the time invested in exploring the endless options. It also demonstrated the value of a high core count in that the metallic tweaks rez up in almost real time.

Also added in "Phantom Flames", a neat trick!

Specs on this new rendering:

2,040,892 polys, running at 66.2 fps on 32 cores.  Custom HDR, with one IES light for kick.  Interior Lighting Mode, Maximum Samples of 512, rendered in 23:48 on 30 cores.  Ground Illumination and Global Illumination enabled, Shadow Quality 4, 16 ray bounces.  Global Illumination Cache (Render > Options) disabled.  I've noticed that GIC is a major contributor to artifacts when using IES lighting and cloudy plastics.

Anyway, I "may" have one more entry before the deadline, but my work schedule is brutal right now, all too common, unfortunately!

Bill G