.obj files imported from mcobj (Minecraft) produce strange results

Started by eobet, May 23, 2011, 04:35:50 PM

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So, I'm not really a Keyshot user and this might not be a critical Keyshot issue, but I thought I'd throw this in here since other packages seem to handle this fine...  :)

Other package (untextured):

Keyshot (note the weird shadows):

You can get Minecraft from here:

The .obj file exporter from here:

And a convenient gui from here:

The resulting .obj file is (for me) about 80mb large so it's rather cumbersome to share, unfortunately, but hey, this might give you an excuse to try Minecraft!  ;)


Looks right - the shadows are a result of the lighting in the scene. Change the lighting and you will notice how the lighting and with it the shadows change.


Well... I tried to match materials, lights and camera angles between the scenes... do you still think it looks right?





If I didn't know anything about Keyshot (and I don't), I would say that I was looking at a very messed up gouraud shaded polygon frame.

Robert V.

you could still share your model by uploading it to a site like megaupload. Then I can have a look at this model for you.


Looks like you are using the translucent material. This will take a while to calculate. Your "Other" rendering solution has a single light source with a fake shadow. Can't really compare that. Change the environment and see how this changes the lighting and shadows.


I have the same problem. It's not about the material and its not about the lighting. Here are some examples.

How can I fix it ???


What issues are you referring to? It looks like you need to let it res up longer.


No no, I mean the weird shadows especially on the second picture on the roof of the house. See the shadows are wrong? Also the light looks weird on the house but on the ground it looks fine. I'm starting to think this is a problem with the obj file.


I imported it - looks fine. Did you scale the model by any chance?


Well, when I imported it it looked like  sh*t, so I'd like to see a screenshot of how it looks like in your pc. I did try to scale it to a bigger or smaller size and it didn't change.

Chad Holton

Hi larsy,

I opened it up as well, but not sure what it's supposed to look like. Can you post an image of the part from your native CAD software?



I'm sorry I'm a noob so I don't really know what you mean by native CAD software. Is it the software in wich I created is. I created it in minecraft (a game) and used a obj converter to make it an obj file. I can send you a screenshot of the building in minecraft if you want.

ps: thanks for your help. ;D

Chad Holton

Oh, sorry - Yes, please post a screenshot from minecraft.  ;)
You can use the attachment option (under "Additional Options") when posting, so you don't have to upload somewhere else.