Stainless Shader | M-28 A Mortar Missile Shader

Started by Berube, September 27, 2017, 03:14:27 PM

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Had the chance to do a study of an M-28 Mortar shell to practice the new Anisotropy Shader.
(Highlight scratch direction, i.e Compact Disc Highlight, Stainless steel etc..)

Was really happy to see this feature available. The feature is fairly easy to use and the Radial mode with its "One Click" feature to define the center of the radial is really graceful to use.
Hats off to Keyshot dev team. This was a really nice implementation. Thanks for implementing complex visual cues in such easy to use UI/UX.

Hope you like it!

All crits and ideas welcome!     



Bout the best mortar shell I've seen! (Only M-28 render I've seen for sure.) The materials looks incredible!


this is amazing! very realistic.
My only crit is  I think it's better to remove/resize the fingerprints, it made the Missile look so small.


Will Gibbons

Fantastic, man! This kind of appearance can be tough to nail. I think the specularity on this is spot-on.


Thanks guys! Glad you like it, and good point on the finger prints. Thank you!

Just got my Keyshot 7 trial version, holy sh!t !! Amazing.




At some point, could I take a look at the matgraph for the mortar shell casing? I feel like you really nailed the look of painted-over metal - it looks truly genuine. I think a lot of what is driving the metalness is the way the light is interacting with the roughness map for that surface, but perhaps something about the anisotropy shader is helping it along(?)