Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Started by garabellomatias24, October 21, 2017, 08:55:45 PM

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Greetings to all.
On this occasion, I present my last post for the contest.
In this case, I decided to strategically use a product suitable for the use of plastic materials, as it is a booming material in the design and production industry.

-Model provided by the Argentine Industrial Designer, Flucia Ivan, to whom I thank, who designed this model from a project in the year 2000 and model the same in Solidworks entirely.
- It is an ultrasonic nebulizer completely solved in different plastic materials.

-Plastic cloudy in the top green lid, trying to simulate a small roughness but still showing the translucency of it. We can observe in more detail the attempt of this strategy in the image of the green top with the solid bottom.
-Plastic cloudy in the nebulization mask, modifying some parameters to simulate a more flexible and soft plastic product of the vulcanization process.
-In the hose use transparent polypropylene with some brightness.
-The switch knob is cloudy plastic with more roughness and more opacity
-The upper and lower housing simulates an abs plastic.

The environment is edited to provide lights at different angles and thus appreciate the translucence and brightness of plastics. Also work in the range of lighting and brightness to give you the desired effect of greater realism.
-The flat floor is made of brushed aluminum to simulate some minimalism

-The first two images are in perspective, rear and front respectively to appreciate the whole object
-Then worked on two detail approaches to highlight in greater focus the work on cloudy plastic
- Finally, a perspective of the lid of the nebulizer in a solid background taking advantage of the piece, of greater relevance for me in this contest, in detail.

-In most of the images use the option of max samples and limit the same to 800, some already listed in less than that.
- The times of elaboration of the scenes as well as of time of rendering were relatively long, always with the objective of obtaining the maximum quality of image and of the strategy to finalize with a good image.

-All images have been post edited in Photoshop, barely making slight adjustments to achieve a desired termination effect worthy of a presentation.

Then the 6 (six) final images for the presentation of the contest.
The last image, worked with the toon materials, shows the green colored areas, which are those to which the cloudy plastic is applied and the others, in white, abs and polypropylene.

Without more to add, I hope enjoy it.
Good luck for all of you

My best wishes and greetings

Garabello Matias Fernando, Student of Industrial Design

Hossein Alfideh

Love the colors on this.good job!


Quote from: Hossein Alfideh on October 22, 2017, 03:14:13 AM
Love the colors on this.good job!

Thank you Hossein. I appreciate that.