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2017 Keyshot Render competition - Farbkasten
« on: October 22, 2017, 04:31:08 am »
Its been a long tome since I participated in a rendering contest (=> Keyshot 4).
What an improvement in Keyshot 7! Easy workflow and good handling and feedback.

My goal was to create a simple every day scene where I could apply all the new materials. I achieved by 3/4  ;)
Metallic Paint: for the pencils
Cloudy Plastic: for the sharpener housing
anodized metal: for the little screw

The paper texture is from and the pencil sharpener from grabcad.
No postprocecing has been used.

Good luck to all the other participants and have a nice sunday!

PS: I am sorry I can only sent you a watermarked image and screenshot image of my work  :(
My licence does not allow to render without a watermark and even worse to save the project (.bip)!
I contacted your licensing people but got only an automated answer. I guess its because of the weekend.

Thanks to your colleagues I got the licence now ;-)
So I was ably to rendered the scene without the watermark.
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