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Keyshot Render Competition 2017 - Ski Goggles
« on: October 22, 2017, 11:29:47 am »

usually I build product configurators for the german industry (like a car configurator - but for b2b products) to select your product out of millions or billions of different combinations.

With Keyshot I found a way to render photorealistic images out of the companies CAD files. With this great Python module in Keyshot I am able to generate thousands of different materials with different layers. So the end user is able to see what he gets.

I am more than happy about the changes you guys made in Keyshot 7 (like integrated HDRI editor / different environments in one Keyshot file / and new materials). Also your support was stunning fast (thx to Niko and the development team) when there appeared some strange new bugs by upgrading from Keyshot 6 to 7 (and I had a dead line to hold). 

For the competition I used a model I bought last year from Turbosquid (User FTurbo)

I used the new Cloudy Plastic and Nylon Weave with that new woven texture with changed parameters.
The background is Outdoor Mammoth which you can find on the Keyshot Cloud (which is perfect for the ski goggle).
Some post processing was done in Photoshop (mostly with Camera RAW Filter).

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Philipp Meyer