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Started by Paül | Design Studio, October 22, 2017, 11:58:28 PM

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Paül | Design Studio

Hi KeyShot Team,
I heard of this competition throw social media, Instagram to be precisely.
This is my firs submission to any online competition. Yet, I am excited to share with you all a short animation created in KeyShot 7, which is part of an advertisement campaign that I am currently working on for my parent's furniture company.

Without the new Toon material in KeyShot 7, I would had not managed to bring my dad's traditional watercolour technique into an easy and simple animation which I am sure would help our company to communicate better and easier with our customers.

I have modelled everything in this animation with Solidworks and ZbrushCore, the animation was made inside keyShot 7 (translation, turnable and rotation animation)
I created a series of watercolours textures in ArtRage and some by hand, then I proceeded to transform them into png format and subsequently into bump and opacity maps.

The hands-on properties of the toon material allowed me to adjust the contour angle of the drawing outline and also to control the shadow strength on the other objects which were key components to bring the watercolour textures to life. Moreover, being able to control the transparency of the balloons in the scene helped me to see trow the object in the background while still keeping the consistency of a hand drawn material.

I placed a watercolour image as a background in the scene and used the HDRI editor to soften the cast shadow of all objects, while also keeping a light salmon colour glow in the scene.
Further, I post edited all 250 images that came out of the animation with ArtRage, which sounds tedious but thanks to the already pleasing look of the overall animation that came out of keyShot it only took me 5 hours to edit them all. 

Lastly I post edited the beginning of the animation with After Affects and also made the introduction part with some effects in the same program.
Thank you KeyShot for giving us this opportunity and good luck to all contestants.

Paül Or

Paül | Design Studio

Some of the Development process  that didn't upload

Paül | Design Studio

Magnus Skogsfjord

That animation was super nice. I have no idea how you have pulled this off, but it looks marvelous!

Paül | Design Studio

Thank you Magnus Skogsfjord, it was not easy I can assure you. In fact, it is getting more complex with modelling  my first human figure. But any feedback always helps me to keep moving forward, so again thank you very much.


this is absolutely breathtaking...!!!
no idea how you did that !
unbelievable !
well done indeed !


I think we're all craving for a breakdown here ! Really nice style man.

Will Gibbons

Yeah, would love to see what this KeyShot scene looks like. Very cool.

Paül | Design Studio

Here is a further explanation of how the KeyShot scene was put together.

First, I brought the models from Solidworks and ZbrushCore into Modo to animate the ribbons, two of the balloons and the box movement. 

Then imported everything as a fbx file to use the new deforming mesh capabilities of KeyShot 7.  From here, I started to position everything in place, which was the most difficult part, with some translation, rotaition and turnable animation. 

All texture maps came from watercolours I hand painted, then I used them in the first raw render-shot. To later post edit this into ArtRage: www.artrage.com.
In this program I painted details over the original render and then use parts of this layer as texture maps in the keyshot material graph.

Finally, I rendered an MP4 video made up of 253 pngs with transparency, and post edit them with final touches in ArtRage.

Some effects where added in After Effects at the end to give a better context to the animation.

Thanks again for the comments guys, also hopping that my unconventional way of working with technology my inspire others to pursue different techniques.

Paül | Design Studio

Here are some swatches of the watercolour textures.

Esben Oxholm

Very unique use of KeyShot!
Cool stuff!