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Started by vavalexus, October 25, 2017, 02:15:23 AM

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Hey guys,
Just installed the new 7 version, which I absolutely adore. The only thing that I really cannot get the hand in are model sets.
As I originally understood the model sets make it possible to create different model configuration (visibility, position, scale etc) without having to clone it, so it keeps the size small and the work convenient. But, either I don't understand smth or it works differently. Here is the issue.
I have the same watch with 4 strap configurations. I pass it all together from Rhino to Keyshot via live linking. It creates the default model set with all visible items. Now I create 4 different model sets from the default one selecting desired visibility, adjusting model position. Now I came to necessity to change the UV mapping to one of the objects across all model sets. I do that in Rhino, update the model and see that changes occur only to selected model set! I was hoping that having updated the default one it will distribute changes to all model sets but it won't! The other sets remain unchanged and this is frustrating. It behaves the same way as if I clone the model in the scene tree. Should it work that way? Does the new model set feature is just a copy of the same object? If so than it is indeed not what I was hoping for and no much difference to previous workflow. Yes, I can select the model set for studios, I realize that, but cannot figure out how can I distribute changes to the same part in different model sets.


Will update.
Indeed, adding the model sets does not increase the file size as it would do if it was just cloned in the scene tree.
In order to update all model sets just tick them all and run live liking update!