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Started by mattjgerard, October 26, 2017, 09:00:59 AM

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Is there a way to "bake" XR into animations or keyframes? Right now we are actually only using the images to load into Adobe Experience Manager spinset assets (don't get me started on that whole mess) and not using any of the java script or authoring through keyshot. we are basically just using the wizard to setup the turntable, shoot out the 20-60 images, then uploading the images to AEM and using adobe's tools to create the spinset.

Now, that being said, for as much review these things get before going live, there will always be that one person that needs a change. So far it has been mainly the labels on the products, so instead of re-rendering the whole thing, I'm wondering if there is a way to just render out the images that I need to?

Also, is using XR even worth it at this point, I can just make a camera animation, and render that out. The other artist isn't as keen on the difference (and similarities) of making the same output with either an animation or the XR turntable wizard functions.

When rendering out of other rendering apps and Cinema, I could just re-render the images that I needed to fix. Is there a way to do that in KS?

Also what would help this is if the clown passes respected labels. That would be sweet. And if the clown color of the labels could be specified. That would be sweet too. Then I could make a photoshop action to replace and just run the labeled object out of the render most of the time.

Will Gibbons

I think you could manage to use the animation tool to accomplish what you need. You can adjust your length and frame rater to fine-tune your animation settings.

Then, you can render out a specific frame range to replace images needed.

Finally... it's on the way.


Ohhhhh good gravy this is gonna be cool.....