Solidworks 2018 compatibility

Started by idainc, December 01, 2017, 01:26:40 PM

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The KS addin from 6 appears in part files but not assemblies - and - KS7 is not importing native SW or IGS files.  ANy update about when this issue will be fixed ?  When will the addin for 7 be ready ?


 And how do you transfer geometry from SWX18 to KS7? Via Step or JT?


With prior versions of SW I would just import the SWX file  Straight import doesnt work from SWX18 but IGS does.  The KS6 add in does work


Indeed, the direct importer currently doesn't support SOLIDWORKS 2018. This will be addressed early 2018 as part of a KeyShot update.

In the meantime, you can keep using the KeyShot 6 plugin. Parasolid is a good export option for SOLIDWORKS too.
We are currently working on an updated KeyShot 7 plugin, which will support Motion Studies as well.



I just save as a Parasolid (.xt) and drop it into KS, which retains any UV mapping. SW18 is not yet fully supported.
Bill G


7.2.109 still not compatible with SolidWorks 2018.  In addition, the Keyshot 6 plug in which is represented as being functional with Solidworks 2018 is now only capable of saving a BIP file and will not talk to KeyShot 7.2.109 - requires saving as an IGS or otherwise.......


Hello all,

I stumbled across the same problem when I wanted to import my SW 2018 files in KS7.2.109.
Is there any news on this subject, and when could we expect an update that solves this compatibility problem?

Because this is far from ideal in our workflow to safe the files as STP to import them in KS7.2



Does anyone know if the new release 7.2.135 resolves this issue ?    Hope it does...