Rendering transparent materials not working

Started by Azza, December 08, 2017, 10:17:27 PM

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So I am following the same workflow as I have in the past with previous versions of Keyshot when rendering transparent materials as a PNG with include alpha transparency selected. In the past when opening these renders in Photoshop, the area behind the transparencies was transparent and showed the layer below this transparency. Has something changed in keyshot that will not allow this type of render?

I am using the Keyshot for Zbrush version and if anyone has any suggestions, please help.

Here is an example of the good render with a previous version of Keyshot in Photoshop.

***UPDATE - I have solved this problem this by using the "Thin Film" material "Soap Bubble". My question now is whether this type of render is possible with any other materials? I am guessing this capability has to do with the thickness slider and am wondering if any other materials have this capability?


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These links may offer some valuable info to take you even further with this type of scenario. Use search, it is your best friend here... (one of the very best tutorials on this subject)


Hello, the webinar tutorial doesn't seem to address the issue, I used to be able to check the render box "include alpha transparency" and add any background in photoshop and the transparent materials would be transparent but it doesn't work anymore with KS 7. Does anyone have a fix?


The materials with transparent parameter are changed in KS7. It is now more natural and defined with a distance (unit sensitive) to represent the correct color. For the example in your previous post, you can give the new material "cloudy plastic" a try. You'll need some extra time to render, but the result could get great.