Keyshot add-in missing buttons in assembly view

Started by davpai, February 07, 2018, 06:07:01 PM

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If I view a part file in Solidworks, I see the Keyshot buttons for importing into Keyshot. However, if I am viewing an assembly file in Solidworks, the Keyshot buttons are missing in action. Any ideas?

I'm on Solidworks 2016 SP 4 and Keyshot 6.3.23.


Make sure the add-in is running and go to Tools> Customize and make sure the Keyshot toolbar is selected.  You can also right click on the ribbon and pull up a similar menu.  The toolbars shown can be different for part and assemblies.

hope this helps.



timb's suggestion should work. The display of the KeyShot toolbar can indeed be toggled independently for parts and assemblies.



Either I'm blind or it's not there for some reason (screenshots attached)
I've also verified the Keyshot add-in is active.