Rotate the object and choose the preferred color

Started by sanchezmusics, February 19, 2018, 12:41:07 AM

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Hi, I can not get the interaction of material interactively.
I would like to offer the customer the possibility to choose the colors by himself and then let me know the choice.
I would like to send him a file where he can rotate the object and choose between different colors available.
It's possible?

Sorry for my english, but I use google translator.


Nobody knows?
Unfortunately, there are no answers on the web, there is little material and even if the official forum does not get help and answers is really sad as a thing  :-\ :( :(


They are currently working on a client side viewer for the configurator that would work without needing a full keyshot plugin. Haven't heard of a release time yet.

I usually do a series of screenshots using model sets and studios. Works really well, but its a very simple way of doing it, there is not the wow factor of having a client use something interactive to choose.


Could possibly be done using the XR and another program to stitch it together - assuming you have set colors or configurations to choose from. i.e. if you have a model of car and offer it in red, blue, green, white, black,  or whatever colors/configs you want.

Create and output the XR images, then use a program like GardenGnome Object2VR to stitch them together. This allows you to set up variations such as different colors and such.  You can add buttons to handle the switching, or if you want to call out key features, you can add a button that opens a callout with text in it.

I think its just an HTML output - so you could host it on your website and just send a link to it or something. You would have to look a little more into it and see if it meets your needs, but it's a possibility if the configurator doesn't meet all of the needs.


Is the client able to give you a pantone color? I know it isn't the same as seeing the 3D model with the color on it (as lighting/shaders will be a huge factor).

But in reality, you need a standardized system (such as the pantone system) to have consistency from design to manufacturing (at least, that's what I'm assuming you're after.)

Also, for future reference, it looks like you posted this question originally during the early morning hours here in America, that's probably why no one was responding immediately. I know there are some international folks on the forums, but it's not like people are on here 24/7. (that we'd like to admit at least  ;) )