Subdivision from C4D to KS

Started by BasTel, July 17, 2018, 02:55:47 AM

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Hey guys,

sorry if this question came up before, but I cloudn't find the thread then...
Is there a way to improt Subdivision-Data from Cinema 4D to Keyshot?
The file I wan't to import contains dynamic mesh deformation, so I have to use alembic files...

Thanks for your help


Fellow Cinema user here, can you be more specific about your setup? Can you post a screen shot of your scene tree hierarchy?

From my experience, SDS will transfer via the plugin, and boolean animations will transfer via alembic. I have not tried both together though.

Can you collaps the SDS by using Current State to Object?

What type of animation are you doing? Lots of questions, but hopefully we can get you an answer.



Hey Matt,

thanks for the reply,
Here is kind of what I am looking for.
If I use the current state to object method the animation playback goes nuts an needs like an hour per frame.



I think I got it.
If I uncheck the Subdiviosn Surface box at almbic export settings, the it seems to work.
I'll keep you updated.