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sketch_06: compound curves & brushed metal
« on: May 16, 2018, 04:57:24 pm »
I found this object originally on Artstation by Roman Tikhonov and was sort of fascinated by it - something about the simplicity of the shapes. I decided I wanted to model it, but I could not find the source material, although the reference image was in just about every 'product design' Pinterest.

The modeling was done in Fusion 360, which had its challenges - mostly the pipe connections - but the real challenge was the material, because there is essentially only two materials in the scene. The main material is of course a brushed metal. I've never *really* worked with brushed metal, and for that reason, I was somewhat intimidated. I did some tricks to enhance what is otherwise a very simple material:

1. AO map to color channel  to emphasize shadows in cavities
2. Curvature map on roughnes channel to emphasize edge highlights
3. Inverted scratches map so that scratches are shinier in cavities compared to surface
4. Bump, curvature, and roughness maps all get composited to control overall surface roughness

I had never really done all of these things at once, although it is probably common practice amongst the pros (maybe).

I try not to muck around in Photoshop too much, but it has to be done. In this case, brightness / contrast, curves, and camera raw filter adjustments were made, nothing more.
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