Scene / Display for Medical Products

Started by wayoutwestmultimedia, May 17, 2018, 11:32:57 AM

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So far I've had Keyshot for about 2 months and loving it!  The company I work for does medicinal products, and thus far I've been doing website shots (product on white vignette bg with basic lighting) getting 3-4 angles per product.

I'd like to start getting creating with the backgrounds, lighting, and different scenes but not sure where to start.  Majority of the products are white plastic tubes and bottles, and would love to get suggestions or tutorials to check out.

Eric Summers

For white plastic, I highly recommend this:

It really helped me push white models to the next level. It does wonders for keeping parts from blending into a completely white background. For everything else, the KeyShot YouTube channel has a lot of great tutorials & webinars. Also, Esben Oxholm does some really great videos.


Wow I'll definitely need to try that. Most of my products are glossy white jars and I was having a challenging time getting renders without blown out lid.