Disabling SpaceNavigator?

Started by mgrant, July 19, 2011, 06:16:45 AM

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Is there an option to disable the SpaceNavigator in KeyShot?  I've tried lowering its sensitivity to 0 through both the options menu and the config file but nothing seems to actually disable it.  The 3D Connexion configurator doesn't allow you to disable all functionality from a program either.


I guess I should explain why I would like to disable the space navigator in keyshot.  My desk is in a "high traffic" area and any time that my desk gets bumped my camera in keyshot gets moved.  Though I can appreciate the added realism of having events in my physical environment affect the virtual world but, the novelty of this has worn off.


You can stop the Navigator driver in your system from the Windows task pane.....well, no you can't. I've just disabled the driver and it's still running in Keyshot. Hmmmmm.

Chad Holton

Can you just unplug the SpaceNavigator? And plug it back in when you need it?


I know ... it is a "bug" that we had to introduce to make the navigator run smoother on the Windows side. We are currently by passing the SpaceNavigator settings. Will be fixed for v3.