Author Topic: How can I change the colour of anodized aluminum material  (Read 3689 times)

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How can I change the colour of anodized aluminum material
« on: June 22, 2018, 08:36:27 am »

there are several standard "anodized aluminum" materials in keyshot. Is it possible to change the colour of these materials?
I don't find a way to make my own individual colour...


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Re: How can I change the colour of anodized aluminum material
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2018, 09:14:01 am »
here the notice :
Anodized settings are available for all metal presets selected from the Metal Type dropdown as well as loaded Complex IOR files. The colors you see when Anodized is enabled are the result of light interfering with itself in the anodized film and can therefore be hard to predict the outcome. However, the following setting descriptions will help you learn better how to control it.
Film Refractive Index
The Film Refractive Index setting for anodized metals provides more or less reflection on the surface. Increase the value to get more reflection intensity. The actual film color will be affected by the Refractive Index. However, you can shift the colors with the Film Thickness setting, so typically you will focus only on finding the desired amount of reflection with the Film Refractive Index setting.
Film Extinction Coefficient
The Film Refractive Index and Film Extinction Coefficient determines how light reflects and refracts through the thin film on the metal. The Film Extinction Coefficient controls the absorption of light through the film. For small to moderate values, a positive extinction coefficient will darken the color but large values will lead to a bright white metallic reflection. Use an extinction coefficient of 0 for dielectric coatings and use a non-zero extinction coefficient for metallic coatings.
Film Thickness
Changing the Film Thickness setting will shift the colors you see for the metal with Anodized enabled. Increasing the setting to a very high value will result in the effect of layers of colored rings on the surface. It is generally a good idea to stay within a range of 100-1000 nm.
Controlling Anodized Color
In general, a larger Film Thickness/Refractive Index leads to more colors and an Film Extinction Coefficient will darken colors and dampen variation. For all the metal presets, even if anodized is enabled or not, the color can depend on the viewing angle (just as with the color of real-world metals). You will notice slight color tints at grazing angles, especially for Gold and Aluminum.

Play with Index Refractive film and thickness

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Re: How can I change the colour of anodized aluminum material
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2018, 02:27:51 am »
You can also switch from 'measured' to 'colour' and change it that way...