Any tips on making an Anodized metal finish?

Started by sday, April 08, 2010, 02:01:16 PM

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Hello all,

Since I'm in furniture and work primarily with wood I don't get around to playing with creating metals too much.  I'm needing to create an anodized metal finish for some hardware accents and such and I'm not quite getting the results I want.  I've been trying to work off of one of the brushed aluminums to create the effect, but does anyone have any suggestions on getting nice outcome for an anodized metal.  Thanks in advance for any help.


Have you tried the Anodized metal material yet?  Just change the color.


I must be missing something then because I don't have an anodized metal in my material library.


Have you downloaded and installed 1.9.54?  Also, you can start with a chrome, and tweak the colors, as well as lightly soften the surface by checking glossy sample and add about 8 "samples", as well as the roughness.  Access the material by double-clicking on it as usual.
Bill G


try to paste this in your metals.mtl file

#define material "Anodized Red" {
  surface   "lux_metal" {
    "color" 0.733333 0 0.0156863,
    "roughness" 0.2,
    "glossy" on,
    "glossy_samples" 8,


Yep, I have version 1.9.54.

I pasted the text into the metal.mtl file and kept getting an error so I just used the info to create my own and go from there.  Thanks for the help all.


Someone just send the guy a bip file with the material on a cube and then he can add it..