Changing the Download Counter Font

Started by rolanddeschain, July 15, 2018, 04:45:22 AM

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I want to change font type of the counter. I looked .js and .html files quickly, but I could not find any specific font family. How can I edit this?


I have a similar problem, and it was cool if someone could help


Have you tried using the "<font> " tag? This should work. In fact, you can easily find a bunch of information online on javascript, html, and CSS. When I was a beginner, I found beautiful thinking of betty font and could not install it on my site. But then I just went to youtube and quickly found all the answers to my questions and even more. If you still have any problem with this, then just google or ask here on the forum and we will help you. Btw, I'm wondering what CMS your site runs on? Personally, I like WordPress the most.