How to create a URL from a VR render

Started by Nickos, July 18, 2018, 04:54:23 AM

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I am wanting to embed the Keyshot VR file I created today to my website. I tried to do it by the instructions given, however, these didn't work.

How do I create a URL from my file? I want to then link this file to my site.

Otherwise, does anyone know how to do the for a square space website. I would like customers to scroll past the image then click and rotate as they please.

Hope someone can help.

Cheers. Nick.

Will Gibbons


This is quite simple. On a Squarespace website, create a new page where you wish to embed your KeyShot XR. Then, edit the page and add a code block. Inside there you can paste your HTML that KeyShot produced. The only issue is that the folder of images created must be hosted on your website. Look up how to upload or store files on your Squarespace website (it's possible because I've done that with my personal site before). Once you have that URL of where it's hosted on your site, you can update the HTML code you pasted in the code block to point to where the image sequence is hosted.

Good luck!